Kaye Mahoney, New Solo Show: Counterpoint

2.75 Dimensional Composition #2 (Orchidaceae)

Kaye Mahoney, New Solo Show: Counterpoint

29 October – 23 November 2013
Exhibition Opening by Jane Cush (Director, GRAG): 2 November from 2.30 to 4.30 pm
181 Old South Head Road, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022 | +61 2 9388 9908
Gallery Hours: Monday to Saturday from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm or By Appointment

Kaye Mahoney is a multi-dimensional artist – and not just with respect to her upbringing and artistic practice. The aptly-named 2.75 Dimensional Compositions that make up the main part of this show – single works and diptychs painted on multi-layered panels of Plexiglas – are like books of stories in a secret language or musical scores from another dimension. Mono and poly-chromatic variegated color fields, seductive in their deceptively simple depth, act as an ostinato in counterpoint to panels of line and shape, some figurative, some abstract, that deliver a bright overlay of verve and vitality. Elemental energies float and shimmer, shifting from surface to depth, in and between the panels like the lightning of a summer storm, or fireflies in a bottle.

In a small annex to the main gallery, Mahoney also presents “*Seeing*Eye*Picture”, an interactive, multimedia installation commissioned for the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery’s 30th anniversary exhibition. As with all of Mahoney’s work it operates on many levels simultaneously; from the apparent level of viewer as co-creator/participant, to the historical roles in classical art of the viewer and the viewed, to the currency of today’s surveillance society. Standing in physical, metaphorical and temporal counterpoint to “*Seeing*Eye*Picture” is a piece titled “Smile at me with your eyes closed”, a series of intimate, drawn portraits (or “anti-portraits”) of the artist’s circle of friends and family, each seen smiling, with eyes closed. Created fifteen years ago in New York, these works appear as the backdrop in the “*Seeing*Eye*Picture” live video proffering yet another commentary on the role of the human gaze and an intriguing, conceptual through line from an earlier point in the artist’s career to the present.

Born in Thailand and raised mainly in Italy and Australia, with periods of her youth spent in places as diverse as Rome, Moscow, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Kiribati and New Guinea, Mahoney settled for 20 years in New York City, where she lived, worked, raised a family and showed primarily at the Dillon Gallery in the Chelsea gallery district. Following her recent return to Australia, her 2011 solo show, “Moving Imagery”, was reviewed by noted art historian, Prof. Sasha Grishin, as being “a very impressive and sophisticated exhibition”, with a conclusion that Mahoney is a “vibrant artist worthy of serious attention”. With Counterpoint, her third solo show in Australia and first solo show in Sydney, Mahoney continues to produce work that is both playful and provocative – work of substance, beauty, transcendence and joy.

Acknowledgments: Digital processing by Scott Hull; digital consulting and programming by Justin Clark, Digital Ally; system design and configuration by Digital Ally and Scott Hull; Plexiglas fabrication by FX Plastics; make up by Lily Lizotte.