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  Mountain Air #3

4 Panels, Oil on canvas

2011, 162 x 365 cm

2.5 Dimensional Composition #4

Double sided/oil on Plexiglas

2011, 41cm x 35cm

Trio #28

Oil on canvas

2009, 23cm x 53cm

Kaye Mahoney: Riverline and Trios (installed).

Riverline (2010): 30 x 580 cm

10 Panels, Oil on canvas


Trios (2007-2009): 53 x 22 cm

3 Panels each, Oil on canvas

  Kaye Mahoney: Arrangement of Notes (installed)

Interactive, Multi Media (2011)

Media: Variable, Dimensions: Variable

  Kaye Mahoney: Elemental Arrangement (installed)

2011, 180 x 220 cm

17 Panels, Oil on canvas

  Kaye Mahoney: Mountain Air #3, (installed)

2011, 162 x 365 cm

4 Panels, Oil on canvas

  Kaye-Mahoney: Moving Imagery, Installing (Mountain Air)
   Kaye-Mahoney: Moving Imagery, Installing (Arrangement of Notes and Elemental Arrangement)
  Kaye-Mahoney: Moving Imagery, Installing (Riverline)